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Confidence Self-Help



Thanks for gracing my blog! I appreciate your time and interest. Below is a subject near and dear to my heart (and very likely to your own, as well)

Picture this scenario: You arrive at a party. When you walk in the room, EVERYONE stops and stares for a second, before crowding around you to talk.

Everyone wants to be near you; you’re the center of attention. When you speak, people LISTEN.

They cling to your every word. You crack jokes effortlessly, and people find you funny, irresistible and strangely magnetic.

Members of the opposite sex can’t help being drawn to you. Everyone wants to be your friend… to seek your advice… to attentively indulge in your stories. You’re strong, attractive, confident, radiating power and respect.

You’re on the top of the pedestal right now — the alpha personality that everyone loves and adores (and is secretly jealous of).

If that describes you, great — you’re well aware of how this rare ability affords you an incredible lifestyle, fun and thrilling social encounters, and opens doors to career opportunities closed off to the general public.

But if that’s NOT you, listen up… because you’re seriously missing out on some major pleasure. And what’s more, you can be that person, almost immediately.

In fact, if you’re the type who shies away in the corner… avoids social confrontation, can’t stand being the center of attention (but would love to be almost more than life itself) and you are normally SCARED TO DEATH at the thought of standing up and speaking in front of a crowd of people… I can guide you to the secret of becoming the most confident person in the room.

See, the reason you’re shy and introverted is not because you’re any less social, humorous, intelligent or charismatic than others. Many super-confident people aren’t exceptionally smart or charismatic at all, but rather they just don’t fear what other people think of them.

As a child, we were conditioned to keep our mouths shut (Ever been told by your parents “Don’t talk unless you’re spoken to first?”.). You were ordered to obey authority figures like parents, teachers, and any adults. As a grown-up, this “learned” behavior pretty much cuts like a knife into your confidence even though it is no longer relevant to your life.

It’s time to shake it off and follow your dream of being an extrovert instead of an introvert at long last!

The good news is, you can completely *reverse* the conditioning that’s no longer valuable in your adult life in just minutes. It’s quick, effortless, requires zero practice, and works even if you don’t think it will.

That’s because I have access to a powerful hypnosis CD that targets your negative ego, and re-programs your mind effortlessly and easily so that you can immediately enjoy greater confidence.

It’s called “Extrovert Me” and it has already helped HUNDREDS of people kill confidence issues dead.

You can grab it instantly at:

http://recommendedbyme.com/go/SelfConfidentMe (click that link to discover the new, better YOU!)

There’s only one catch– with your new confidence, you’re going to enjoy some really awesome social situations that may surprise you completely at the start… and I hope that you will tell me all about them when you do :-) I love success stories, they brighten the day and make everyone smile more!

Your ‘better you’ insider,
Donna Maher

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Going On 3 Weeks Post-Op


Hello… I’m happy and blessed to be able to still be around to type, walk, talk, breathe and be a new, improved Donna. I had a TEVAR the last Friday in October and it took the wind out of my sails wayyyy worse than I ever expected it to. I figured, aw heck, they’re going to knock me out, cut some small holes in my body and poke in a couple of stents into my aorta. How bad can it be. WOW………. let’s say I’m not as spry as I was 31 years ago when I had my last surgery!

The beauty of it all, is that now I am no longer a walking time bomb (my thoracic aortic aneurysm was over 6 cm wide!!) and I have a shot at living a nice, long life. I also got super smart when they discovered that ‘thing’ growing inside me and quit my fifty-year smoking habit! So, I have an even better chance of seeing some great grandchildren born before I depart this Earth.

Mark Russo M.D. described TEVAR the best: “A thoracic endovascular (TEVAR) stent graft repair is a treatment for aneurysms of the descending thoracic aorta. It is similar to the approach used for a cardiac catheterization of the coronary arteries. This procedure requires only small incisions in the groin. Then the surgeon inserts a catheter through the femoral artery in the groin and with the use of x-ray guidance and specially-designed instruments, the aneurysm can be repaired from inside the aorta by inserting a tube, called a stent-graft. This is possible because the tube, or stent graft, is delivered through the catheter in a collapsed state and then expanded at the site of the aneurysm.”

I wish my surgery had only required a small incision in the groin but I also needed a bypass graft on the left subclavian artery and carotid artery to prevent possible loss of arm function or worse, a stroke from the stent’s landing zone partially covering these vital arteries.

To be continued….

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Welcome Blessings


Welcome to this new (again) site. There’s not a lot here to see *yet* because I have so much on my platter right now that’s taking precedence over redoing all my hacked blogs. And so mainly, I want to wish you well, wish you health, joy and peace in your life. I had to change themes because someone hacked my site (again) and messed up the php files – a modality I know so little about that it wouldn’t even fill a thimble. I so wish I had their brains and my ethics, etiquette and morality because I’d use that kind of special knowledge only for good in this world, not for nefarious purposes. It must be really sad for those geniuses to have such a small ego to go with such a large brain. :(

Maybe when they grow up more, become parents and then grandparents, they will hopefully learn respect for other human beings and for other people’s hard labor and struggles and begin to help instead of destroy. That’s my fervent prayer for them, anyway.

Again today, my new best buddy plugin for every WP blog Backup Creator Ultimate saved my old arse a ton of time and a boatload of grief. I highly recommend this amazing tool for anyone running a wordpress website! Yes, I know it doesn’t have anything to do with a healthier you (unless you consider your sanity) but it sure does make for a lot healthier website! :))

UPDATE: August 22, 2014: You can get an inexpensive version of this amazing plugin, or get the ultimate version or the developer’s version – whatever fits your needs & budget best. I used it to clone a hacked site & it saved HOURS, I wasn’t in tears or feeling defeated this time! As we all know, time is money and stress is a killer, so why not invest in a time-saver and a stress reducer? Worth it to me for sure!

Until we meet again,

Donna Maher RN

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